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Suffering from Chronic Neck Pain? Chiropractic Can Help!

Written By Tanner Chiropractic on January 18, 2019

Unfortunately, it’s easier than you may think to do damage to your neck.

Because your neck supports the full weight of your head, it has an important role to play. This means that if you injure it in any way, you could be at risk of ongoing issues. This may include acute or chronic pain and discomfort, which could affect your quality of life. 

Let’s take a look at how chiropractic is an excellent neck pain treatment alternative to conventional medicine. 

Effective Neck Pain Treatment with Chiropractic

There are many different ways you can cause damage to your neck:

1. Accidents and Injury:

A sudden, forced movement of your neck in any direction that results in a rebound is called whiplash. This whiplash-like motion can cause damage to the surrounding tissues in your head and neck. When tissue is damaged like this, muscles react by contracting and tightening which can cause pain.

2. Age:

Degenerative issues that can cause neck pain include spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis. 

3. Lifestyle:

Obesity, poor posture and weak stomach muscles are all potential causes of neck discomfort. 

A doctor of chiropractic has a number of different treatments that can be efficient at treating your neck pain. 

A neck adjustment, otherwise known as a cervical manipulation, is a procedure that applies pressure to your neck joints. This is almost always done by hand. A cervical manipulation improves the mobility of your spine and helps to restore any motion lost. 

When patients receive this procedure to treat their neck pain, they also often experience a reduction in stiffness, soreness, and redness.

Your chiropractor will develop a personal program of care that accommodates for your unique symptoms and injury. 

Consult Your Chiropractor for Neck Pain Relief 

Chiropractic techniques are known for being excellent alternatives to more invasive treatments for neck pain. Whether you’ve been considering surgery or prescription pain medication, consult your chiropractor first to see if there’s anything that can be done to prevent the need for these harsher measures. 

Tanner Chiropractic is a chiropractic clinic serving the Scottsdale region. Dr. Glen Tanner has extensive experience treating patients with chronic and acute neck conditions. 

Call 480 595-6101 to book an appointment with Tanner Chiropractic today and make chiropractic your first port of call for any neck pain treatment you may need. 

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