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Get Help in Improving Your Posture in Scottsdale for Shoulder and Back Pain Relief

Written By Tanner Chiropractic on November 12, 2019

Man with low back pain While growing up, did your mom always remind you to “stand up straight”?

Or, have you caught yourself constantly slumping at your desk or rounding your shoulders while standing in line at the coffee shop?

Bad posture is all around us, and most of us commit that sin at some point in our lives. Posture just isn’t as important as it used to be – or is it?

Chiropractic doctors know how posture affects your entire body, including the pain you can go through when you’re out of alignment.

As it turns out, improving posture in Scottsdale is a huge deal. Especially if you round your shoulders regularly, this is what you need to know.

Why Rounding Your Shoulders Is a Posture No-No and Causes Pain

In general, slumping, slouching, and rounding your shoulders messes with the natural curve of your spine.

When that curve is intact, the rest of your body is balanced. That means your body weight is distributed evenly, and one group of muscles isn’t doing all the heavy lifting. Instead, your entire body is working in tandem so you can move with the least amount of strain.

That’s why a seemingly simple posture misalignment, like rounding your shoulders, throws the rest of your body off. For example, it may straighten the spine’s natural curve and put unnecessary pressure on your back and shoulder muscles.

The result? Pain.

The Key to Improving Posture in Scottsdale

It takes time and effort to correct bad posture. That’s why working with a chiropractor is a smart idea – your doctor will help you implement exercises, posture corrections, and more to improve your overall physical health.

Dr. Glen Tanner has over 20 years of experience in preventing biomechanical imbalances (like bad posture) that can have ricochet-like effects on your well-being.

Ready to straighten up, get healthier and enjoy less pain? Improving your posture in Scottsdale is one step away. Give Dr. Tanner a call and schedule your appointment right now: (480) 595-6101

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