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Golfers in Scottsdale: Your Low Back Pain Is Treatable

Written By Tanner Chiropractic on October 11, 2019

iStock 000014535434XSmallGolfing is a leisurely game that, surprisingly, takes a toll on your lower back.

If your posture is poor when you tee off, that bad habit commonly leads to back muscle strain.

This holds true for most golfers: Low back pain is the most common injury they report.

Good news – the problem is also the solution. It all relates to your golf swing. 

If you’re a golfer with low back pain in Scottsdale, pay attention – this may be the most important information you read to improve your pain.

Pay Attention to Your Swing: Why It Might Be Causing Your Low Back Pain

For golfers, most low back pain happens gradually over time as opposed to immediately after an injury.

Even the best golf swing with optimal form puts an immense load on the spine. That means, if the posture you take during your golf swing is off or incorrect, you’re far more likely to develop pain due to the unnecessary strain on your spine and muscles.

Solutions for Golfers with Low Back Pain in Scottsdale

Each part of the golf swing requires a unique type of movement and the coordination of different body muscles and joints. However, one part of your body involved in every part of the swing is your core.

If your core muscles are weak, you’ll cause strain and pressure on your spine, which inevitably leads to low back pain.

On the other hand, strengthening and stabilizing your core muscles better equips your body to handle the movement and impact of your golf swing.

That means the main solution for golfers with low back pain in Scottsdale is physical rehabilitation. 

A chiropractor is the right answer for learning to stabilize your core muscles and managing pain. Dr. Glen Tanner is known for his experience in treating athletic injuries and has helped many pro golfers stay healthy and pain-free.

Ready to get your swing back? Give Dr. Tanner a call at Tanner Chiropractic to schedule your appointment: (480) 595-6101

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