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How a Scottsdale Chiropractor Can Help Golfers Prevent Sports Injuries

Written By Tanner Chiropractic on May 15, 2019

Woman with golf injury in ScottsdaleFor the most part, golf is an enjoyable, relaxing sport.

It’s important to remember, though, that golf is just that – a sport. Any type of sport you choose to engage in – yes, even golf – can result in injury if you’re not careful.

Thankfully, you can take steps to prevent injuries, which includes regular care from a Scottsdale chiropractor. 

3 Ways a Scottsdale Chiropractor Can Reduce Your Risk of Injury

There are numerous ways you can get injured on a Scottsdale golf course. These injuries are the most common amongst golfers:

Thankfully, a chiropractor can help you prevent injuries. Here’s how.

1. Improved Biomechanics

During your appointment, you’ll learn why certain actions can lead to injury, or how being out of proper alignment can make you more susceptible to injury. This knowledge can help you take physical and mental precautions to avoid injuries.

2. Increased Range of Motion

When you’re out of alignment, your body doesn’t function as well as it could. Basically, you’re not performing at 100% and the areas of your body that are affected by your misalignment are essentially weaker, making you more prone to injury.

3. Better Balance

Misalignment can adversely impact your balance. If the vertebrae of your neck aren’t aligned, you can end up feeling dizzy and losing your balance. Any misalignment further down in your spine can put the rest of your body off-center as well.

Improve Your Game with Regular Chiropractic Care

Every athlete looks for ways to improve his/her game. They try dietary changes, make adjustments to their technique, and even work on their mindset.

Treatment from a Scottsdale chiropractor is something that should be added to this list.

Better balance, improved range of motion – you’ll get that in spades when you see your chiropractor for regular sports injury prevention appointments

Do you want to play your best game ever? Of course, you do! Contact us at (480) 595-6101 to schedule a sports evaluation. We’ll create a treatment plan that will help you prevent injuries and up your game.

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