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Do You Need Bulging Disc Treatment? 5 Signs You Have a Bulging Disc

Written By Tanner Chiropractic on June 14, 2019

Woman receiving spinal decompression in ScottsdaleBack pain from a bulging disc is not only painful – it’s downright debilitating.

Yet, many people don’t know whether their back pain is something that’s a temporary issue or if it’s something serious, like a disc issue.

Today, you’ll learn about five common signs of a bulging disc, plus how a bulging disc treatment in Scottsdale can reduce your pain considerably.

5 Bulging Disc Symptoms – Signs You Need to See a Scottsdale Chiropractor

If you experience even one of these symptoms, contact your chiropractor to discuss the need for a bulging disc treatment like spinal decompression. 

1. Muscle Spasms

A bulging disc can impinge upon the nerves in/around your spine. In an effort to stop the pain, the muscles will contract.

2. Lower Body Pain

If you have a bulging disc, you can experience sharp and/or throbbing pain in your lower back and hips. Individual leg pain can occur, too, if your sciatic nerve is affected.

3. Bladder Incontinence

The disc can aggravate the nearby nerves, some of which are connected to the bladder and can reduce optimal function.

4. Numbness or Tingling in Your Arms/Hands

Pinched nerves that result from a bulging disc can lead to pain, tingling, and numbness in your arms and hands.

5. Radiating Pain in the Mid-to-Upper Back and Chest

This intense, radiating pain has caused some people to question they’re having a heart attack.

Spinal Decompression: An Effective Bulging Disc Treatment

To relieve some of the pressure, your chiropractor will recommend spinal decompression, as well as thorough (yet gentle) chiropractic adjustments. This bulging disc treatment in Scottsdale is extremely effective. How does it work?

Using traction, the spine is gently stretched. Since the bones are no longer impinging on the discs, the discs retract, thereby taking pressure off of the nerves.

Not only does this reduce pain, it also promotes the flow of water, spinal fluid, and oxygen, which keeps your spine healthy.

Have you been experiencing any of the painful symptoms listed in this blog? If so, contact us immediately at (480) 595-6101 to schedule a consultation

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